Why Chat Roulette Is So Popular and Why Investors Would Ruin It

Anphicle June 13, 2010 0

Chat Roulette is a very popular video chat site where you cannot choose who you chat with. If you don’t want to talk with the person you are matched with you click on ‘next’ and you can talk with another random stranger. Its simplicity and ease of use is exactly the reason why it is popular, there is nothing else to it. But recently there has been a lot of talk of potential Investors in Chat Roulette which would ultimately be its downfall.

In the modern age of tracking, analytics, Facebook Connect and visitor demographics ChatRT is such a breath of fresh air. There is no forced signup and as the video technology is peer-to-peer, you can trust the site if not the person you are chatting with. There are no saving chats, no categorising of your favourite topics and chatting habits. It is reminiscent of the early Web when you could do anything and without being hounded. The two things people love are simplicity and anonymity where it is required. You can visit the site and get going within seconds, acting and reacting however you desire.

Chat Roulette creator Andrey Ternovskiy has been bombarded with interest from investors, takeover deals and know it alls since he put the site online just last winter. But with a cool head he has kept it his own and this is why it still keeps attracting and keeping users.

If the site was sold or investors moved in tomorrow, there would instantly be a demand to create an account first. The three most important fields would be ‘age’, ‘sex’ and ‘location’. Along with optional fields of ‘sexuality’ and ‘interests’ the roulette part would disappear and ChatRT would become ChatMatchedbyAmazingMatchTechnology.

Luckily Ternovskiy hasn’t bowed to investors and he doesn’t have to. The site is known globally and has enjoyed a phenomenal viral growth. He knows what features it lacks and needs and is quite technically adept. But it doesn’t seem he knows how to monetise the site in a way that is typical of Silicon Valley, that is where outside interference could have a dismal influence on the site’s popularity.

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