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Anphicle May 9, 2011 1

Wusoup is a new site where you can make friends with people – and not in a tacky way. You can make friends for solely online correspondence or meet people living close by that have similar interests. Though Wusoup claims it is not a dating site who says it couldn’t also be a place for people to find an extra special friend?

What makes Wusoup different is the way messages are delivered – or not delivered to be precise. There is no inbox because each person’s profile page holds all messages between you and them. And unless you interact with a person to get email updates this makes the system nearly spam free, or ‘creep free’ if you are a pretty woman.

Find friends online

Create a profile and put as much about yourself as you can to let the Wugorithm find like-minded others. You can browse for friends on the dashboard/frontpage by location, age and a few other filters but you cannot narrow a search down to particular people, such as interests + age + sex + location. The Wusoup FAQ says this is an experiment and they may be encouraged to change it though. Personally I think it forces you to become more worldly and not look for a clone of yourself.

Dealing with a person is easy. If you don’t like the sound of them just downvote and never see them again, similarly an upvote will encourage the Wugorithm to make you more prominent in their dashboard. You could be bold though and strike up conversation with a message. Now here is the make or break moment, that person has to find your profile to get that message but to help you out a green envelope will show up in their dashboard next to your picture. Just remember you currently can’t edit or delete a message.

One quick special note about the Wusoup system is the blatant privacy and level playing field. All interaction is strictly between you and them and nobody else knows how popular, or unpopular you are. No ‘ has 200 friends’ or stupid status updates – ‘Anphicle sent XXX a message’. Brilliant.

Why Use Wusoup?

Find people to talk about reading, a certain TV programme, wrestling, politics or aliens. Find local friends to do stuff with too, for your local bridge club, litter picking walk or a skilled employee perhaps, the possibilities with Wusoup are endless.

Why Not Just Use Facebook?

Facebook is for keeping tabs on your existing friends whereas Wusoup is definitely for finding Friends. In fact that’s a really stupid question you need not have asked, idiot.

Is it a Dating Site?

No. And Yes. I have absolutely no intention of dating the people I have met on Wusoup and the site clearly says it isn’t a dating site. BUT – I think if I were to ever find a date online it would not be through a purely dating site. I am one of those persons who is reluctant to upload a profile on a dating site ‘looking for love’ with a really tediously lying bio. Because Wusoup is for finding friends for all sorts of reasons it may encourage my sort to join and who knows who they may then find.

I’ve started and answered several conversations on Wusoup from different people and find it good fun. I think it could be awesome if only it had more people. An advertising drive on Reddit got the site populated with curious people (inc. me) but the site has only a handful of ‘regulars’. Hopefully the creator will push more advertising to get more users, a social website is nothing without people after all but it is currently a one-man band with little to no capital by the sounds of it. If it is to go truly global it would probably need investment from somewhere. Anyway, try it.

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