Yebol Is Down – But Is It Forever?

Anphicle November 20, 2010 0

Yebol the little known Vertical Decision Engine (or in lay terms – Search Engine), has not been accessible for a few days now. I am worried Yebol may have called time on a decent product.

Unlike Cuil – the overhyped ‘Google killer’ that shut down a few months ago, I wrote in my Yebol Review it is/was actually a pretty decent Search tool. It just needed users and to get itself known. But for a short Wikipedia article there is very little coverage of Yebol on the web, at least in the English language. Mainstream Tech media have not covered it very well either. Perhaps it didn’t have the high profile, colluding investors needed to really conquer the web.

I will keep trying and hope that the owners persevere. Yes it is a difficult market but that isn’t an excuse to quit before you get going. Come on Yebol, get back online!

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